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Words of Faith, October 2, 2012

posted Oct 2, 2012, 9:42 PM by Faith Lutheran


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Octobder 2, 2012



The Pastor’s Message

By Rev. Nick Henseler


Luke 10:2;He told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’”


I love this time of year! The temperatures have cooled down, the colors of the leaves are beautiful, and all of those yummy apples are ripe and ready to be made into pies. This brings up a question; Are we ripe and ready to be picked by God to do His work?


Our Lord says that harvest is ready but that more workers are needed to bring that harvest in. So the harvest is ready…but are we? When a farmer is ready to bring in his crop, he just doesn’t fire up the John Deere after it has been sitting in the machine shed for months without making sure that it is ready to go out into the fields. There is quite a bit of maintenance that needs to be done in order for that machine to do the work it is designed to do.


So, too, there is some “maintenance” that needs to be done in our lives before we head out into the mission field of our community. Before we are ripe and ready we need to be grounded in the Word of God.


Does that mean we have to have the whole Bible memorized? No! We become grounded in God’s Word when we study and use Scripture just as it has been spoken to us in the Bible and not “tweaked” so that we think the message sounds good.


Are you ripe and ready to be picked for God’s work? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to come and do the maintenance that is necessary within you so you are ready to go out into the fields and bring in the harvest. Have a blessed harvest season!!                                                    Pr. Nick



Continuing September’s New Beginnings

September marked some firsts and new beginnings for Faith Lutheran Mission Church, including the successful beginning of our Sunday School program. 


Eight children took part in the first session of Sunday School in September 9 in the freshly remodeled Children’s Ministry Area.  Teachers Kristine Seanor-Behling, Kelly Spencer and Kayla Shoemaker continue to share God’s Word to the youngsters through story, song and crafts.  By the way, the Children’s Ministry area is in need of some children’s books.  If you’re at a garage sale or a thrift store and find some good Christian kids’ books, consider picking up one or two.


The Open House on the afternoon of September 9 drew a steady stream of interested neighbors and members of partner congregations.  The kids (and many adults) enjoyed the balloon sculptures, lemonade and treats while looking over the worship facility. 


Our second healing service the evening of September 19 drew nearly two-dozen individuals who took part in a spirit-filled evening of music, praise and prayer.  Watch for another opportunity soon!


Another new beginning in September was the addition of a study, review and discussion of the previous Sunday’s scripture texts at 6 p.m. on Wednesday nights in the church fellowship hall.  It’s a chance to get in-depth and go even beyond the sermon to draw meaning from the verses.


The text study precedes the 7 p.m. Wednesday worship service, also held in the Fellowship Hall.  Pastor Henseler’s sermon teachings for September revolved around the book of Nehemiah, and will continue on that theme into early October.  Then, later in October, the pastor promises a new series of teaching sermons based on The Beatitudes during the 7 p.m Wednesday services.


Finally, September marked the return of the Faith Lutheran Mission Church Choir under the direction of Bob LaMont.  The little choir with the big sound continues to be a source of blessing for all who are in worship!  If you would like to join the group, October rehearsals are scheduled for October 11 and 25 at 7 p.m., and the choir will be part of worship on the 14th and 21st.


New Members to Be Welcomed Over Two Services

At least eight new members are expected to be welcomed to the Faith Lutheran Mission Church family during regular worship services September 14 and 21.  We’ll share details in the November newsletter, but if you are interested in being added to the membership rolls, please let Pastor Henseler know, and you can be included in the welcoming service as well.


Beacon House Presentation Featured in Forum

Kelly Christianson, the executive director of Eau Claire Interfaith Hospitality Network, braved a cold to share inspirational stories of the work being done by that organization through Beacon House, the homeless shelter for families in downtown Eau Claire, at a forum on September 30. 


Kelly explained that the spate of foreclosures in the past few years have driven people out of their homes to apartments.  That makes available apartments scarcer and higher priced, knocking many low-income families out of the running to get an affordable place to live, at least temporarily.  Beacon House can handle six families, who generally stay anywhere between 30 and 45 days as they transition to housing.  She says the shelter has been full for several years, and more than 500 are turned away in a year.  Of the children housed at the center, statistics show that half are under the age of six.


Kelly expressed thanks for the financial contributions Faith Lutheran Mission Church has provided to Beacon House as part of its mission program, even though the church is not a member-partner.  When asked what FLMC might do to get more involved, she suggested we members could volunteer individually to help fill gaps for providing and serving evening meals and staying overnight with the guests.  Another option is to pair with another congregation to supply those needs for a week-at-a time.  Such a commitment would require a coordinator for the congregation to be assigned and work to gather the needed volunteers for the appointed time.


Conversation will continue regarding what the congregation wants to consider as a next step in further involvement with Beacon House.  If you have a particular interest, idea or opinion, please contact Pastor Henseler.


Special Needs Kids in Haiti and Homeless Individuals in Eau Claire are Missions Targets

Faith Lutheran Mission Church sets aside 20% of its weekly offerings for ministries outside of the congregation.  In the month of October, those ministries receiving the mission money will be Sojourner House in Eau Claire, and Harvest House in Haiti.


Harvest House is a ministry spearheaded by Judy Foster, whom Pastor Henseler has worked with in past mission trips to Haiti.  Judy is currently developing the “Children’s Village” on Haiti’s southern coast to serve children of special needs, including those suffering from AIDS.  The ministry will include medical care, housing, school and living quarters, while serving as a home base for missionaries, visitors and pastors involved with the project.


Sojourner House is a new facility spearheaded by Catholic Charities, which offers a faith-based shelter for single men and women facing homelessness.


Jayne Kallenbach Returns to Potter’s Village in Ghana

Jayne Kallenbach, who has spent most of the past two winters volunteering at an orphanage in Ghana, plans to return to The Potter’s Village later this month.


Since coming back to the United States in March, Jayne says she has been “observing from afar, connected to the children and the orphanage only through phone calls to Mama Jane (the United Methodist minister who founded the orphanage) and pictures posted by recent volunteers.  To be at such a disconnect from a place I feel so connected to is painful to say the least.”


In her blog www.gettingtoghana.blogspot.com, Jayne shares pictures from her previous visits, and also shares needs she is raising money for, including:

·        $2,400 to purchase a month’s supply of food for all 100 children now living in the compound.

·        $1,000 per month to pay the Ghanaian staff members

·        $500 to get an industrial oven working, which can be used to make bread for the orphans and also sell bread to the village as a fundraiser.

·        $100-200 to start a small craft business for the older girls in the orphanage to make items that can be sold to raise money.

·        $3,000 for a down payment on land.


Regarding the land purchase, Jayne explains that the Potter’s Village desperately needs to move out of the rented ¼ acre compound in which they currently reside.  A $3,000 down payment (for a land purchase expected to cost $16,000) would enable Mama Jane Udu to begin collecting local donations of cement, timber and workers to get that project moving.


Jayne says she is hoping for a few people to commit to a donation of $100-200 per month for the next year or however long it takes before the revenue generating ventures of the orphanage can manage to pay for a reliable and stable staff.  Food, of course, is always a need.  Jayne says the Potter’s Village is also in need of volunteers with business experience who can help the orphanage develop strong organizational practices.  The orphanage can otherwise use volunteers over the age of 25 to help with day-to-day management and supervision of the children.  Anyone interested in volunteering can visit www.thepottersvillage.net and contact Mama Jane directly.


Jayne, daughter of Sandy and Dean Kallenbach, will spend three weeks at the orphanage, from October 15 through November 5.  Faith Lutheran Mission Church has supported The Potter’s Village through mission offerings earlier this year and last year.  Anyone wishing to contribute may do so via PayPal through Jayne’s blog site mentioned above, or may make the contribution through Faith Lutheran Mission Church and designate the contribution to go to Potter’s Village.


Arrian Lundquist Returns to the US – Hopefully for Good!

After serving in Afghanistan and two stints in Okinawa, U.S. Marine Corporal and Faith Lutheran Mission Church Member Arrian Lundquist returned to America last month. 


He got to spend several days with friends and family – including his mother Karla Petersen and brother Luke Lundquist – before he and wife Kendra loaded up their Chevy pickup to their new home in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where Arrian expects to be stationed at Camp Lejeune for the remaining year of his enlistment.


Cards and letters can be sent to:

Arrian and Kendra Lundquist

239 Zack Circle

Jacksonville, NC  28540


Forum Set for October 21 Regarding Special or Memorial Funds

The first 30 months of this congregation has seen the establishment of a number of dedicated funds.  In some cases, the funds were established by the Church Council in order to allow individuals to build toward a goal with memorial or other special gifts.  In other cases, individual gifts were directed to a specific project or need, and the fund was established to hold it.


The council decided last month to have a conversation with the congregation to develop a process for managing the establishment and growth of these funds, and a procedure for establishing new ones.  That conversation will continue in a forum during fellowship time after church on October 21. 


Meanwhile, if you have thoughts or ideas on this subject, please share them with any member of the church council.  Your current council consists of Chuck Olson (President), Chris Flaten (Vice-President), Katie Evans (Secretary), Dale Johnson (Treasurer), Gene Fischer, Sarah Seanor, Elaine Moore, Roger Flaten, Jack Daniel, Laban Miller and Dean Kallenbach.


Janitorial Service Hired

The congregation council, at its September 25th meeting, voted to hire Choice Janitorial for cleaning services at Faith Lutheran Mission Church.  The service will clean the church twice per month, and can be brought in more often for special circumstances.


Thanks to all who have contributed their efforts to keeping the church clean over the past two years.  There continues to be a need for crews to do light cleaning in between visits by Choice Janitorial.  To sign up, contact Elaine Moore.


Egg Roll Sale for Hmong Congregation Underway

The members of the Hmong Lutheran Mission in Eau Claire are holding an egg roll sale.  Proceeds are designated to support the mission, which meets just down the street from FLMC at The Lutheran Church of St. Matthew.  Cost for the egg rolls is $15 per dozen.  The handmade egg rolls will stay fresh in the freezer.  There is an order form in the fellowship hall.  Orders must be received by October 13, and will be delivered October 27.


Hannah’s Hands to Meet November 5

The final installment in Hannah’s Hands eight-session women’s Bible study “In Harmony with the Word,” based in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, will be held Monday, November 5 at the church.  The theme of the study will be “Life in Faith.”  It begins at 7 p.m.


Altar Guild Help Needed

The congregation is seeking someone who feels called to lead the Altar Guild.  The job would consist of taking care of the altar and front of the church for the various seasons of the church year, including ordering candles and communion supplies.  See Chuck Olson if you are interested or want more information.


Congregation Invited to Participate in Operation Shoe Box

Have an empty shoe box lying around?  How about filling that shoe box with some items that could change a child’s life somewhere in the world this Christmas season? 


Starting this month, we will start collecting shoe boxes as part of Operation Christmas Child, sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse (www.samaritanspurse.org/occ).  Information and resources are available at the information table in the Fellowship Area.  Make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas with just a simple shoe box.


Update from Grace Lutheran Church

Our fellow Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ congregation, Grace Lutheran Church, continues to deal with a lawsuit brought against it by individuals who opposed the congregations decision to join LCMC while remaining members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  The president of Grace, Anne Carter, shared the following update with her congregation during worship on September 30:


Two things happened this week that you should be aware of.  Earlier this week we received the news that Bishop Duane Pederson will not be seeking re-election to a second term. His current term expires in June 2013. This is of interest to us because Bishop Pederson has played an integral part in the lawsuit that was filed against this church. Bishop Pederson is the one who established the Synodically Authorized Worshipping Community called Amazing Grace that has filed suit against Grace. He facilitated the adjudication process against this church, and he guided the decision of the Synod Council regarding this church. Amazing Grace has asked the court to impose that decision on this church. It will be interesting to see the impact of his decision on this lawsuit.


On Tuesday morning of this week a teleconference hearing was held with Judge GaleWyrick and all lawyers involved in the lawsuit. Before I explain what happened, I need to clarify a few things. From the beginning of the process to disaffiliate from the ELCA we have maintained that our constitution is our primary governance. But we have also acknowledged that our constitution is connected to the constitutions of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin and the ELCA. When our constitution is silent, we must refer to the higher authority for guidance. The three constitutions were set up to be interrelated. According to contract law 101, if a party accuses another party of violating a contract or constitution, that contract must be studied in its entirety to determine if any violation occurred. That is the reason we enjoined the NW Synod and the ELCA. The court needs to study all constitutions to determine if any breach occurred. Now back to Tuesday morning…..


The hearing was intended to schedule court-ordered mediation among all the parties, but when discussion began Tom Guelzow, attorney for NW Synod, refused to cooperate. He claimed that the NW Synod should not be involved in mediation. He stated that he is filing a motion to dismiss our counterclaim. The judge determined that the question would have to be answered with the motion and with lawyer briefs. Drew Ryberg, attorney for Amazing Grace, also refused to be involved with mediation because he claimed that the Synod Council’s ruling was final. The judge responded that no, it is not. So, while we had thought that we would be entering a mediation process by the end of October, that process has now been delayed indefinitely.


Anne also went on to explain that the congregation’s finances are behind for 2012, and she encouraged members of the congregation to ask for wisdom as to how they might best support the church, whether through money, time or prayers.


Gift of Grace, Holmen to Begin Worship in New Facility This Month

Many at FLMC will remember Pastor Timothy Duesenberg, who served here as a guest preacher as he was starting a new congregation, Gift of Grace Lutheran Church in Holmen.  Pastor Tim says that congregation has been praying for a more accessible, suitable and visible worship space, and that prayer is coming true this month.


Gift of Grace, a dually affiliated mission congregation of both the LCMC and NALC, began worshiping together in June of 2010.  Most recently Gift of Grace has been meeting in a basement community room of the Firefighters Credit Union. Although a tight worship space, the lease was generous and included a nice office and board room on the ground floor, along with additional space for storage, fellowship and small kitchen.  But without elevators, the worship space lacked general accessibility. Lacking windows, Pastor Duesenberg joked, “It was like the early Christians meeting in the catacombs.”


Recently, a large warehouse with generous office space of a former janitorial supply company was bought out by a nearby furniture store. The furniture store is only interested in additional warehouse space. They were willing to lease the office and showroom space at a reasonable rate. They also were amenable to opening up the showroom space, allowing the congregation to knock out a couple of walls and doing a little remodeling.  The furniture store does not wish to identify the building with their name, so the congregation, being the sole renter, will be able to identify their name on the front edifice of the building.


According to Pastor Duesenberg, Gift of Grace hopes to be in their new worship and office space by the first Sunday in October. Please pray for God’s blessings on their new worship facility.



Ordinarily, we’d be sharing Buck on Books, the monthly column by church librarian Dick Buck.  However, at Dick’s request, Joanne Flaten has offered the following review.


This month’s review is of a recently released book by Mary C. Neal, MD.  To Heaven and Back is a true story of a doctor’s extraordinary account of her death, heaven, angels and life again following a kayak accident.  This occurred during a South American adventure-turned-tragic in which Mary drowned when her kayak was pinned at the bottom of a waterfall and was completely submerged for too long despite valiant efforts to rescue her.


Mary’s life has been forever changed by her newfound understanding of her purpose on earth, her awareness of God and her closer relationship with Jesus and her personal journey by her first-hand experience of heaven.


Mary is an orthopedic surgeon, devoted wife and mother.  She was the former director of spine surgery at the University of Southern California.  She has been featured on WGN, Dr. Oz, and Fox and Friends.


To Heaven and Back will reacquaint you with the hope, wonder and promise of heaven while enriching your own faith and walk with God.

                                                                                                                        Joanne Flaten


News and Notes

·        Pray for those attending the LCMC Annual Gathering in Denver October 7-10, that they may be blessed and help us develop new and powerful means of spreading the gospel throughout this nation and the world.


·        A special All Saints service is planned for Sunday, November 4 during our regular worship time.  It will include a candle lighting ceremony.


·        Pastor Henseler will be on vacation November 5-11.


·        For the second consecutive year, Faith Lutheran Mission Church will hold a joint Thanksgiving Eve service at Grace Lutheran Church in Eau Claire on November 21.


·        The Property Committee is looking for members.  If you are interested in helping maintain and improve the physical facilities of Faith Lutheran Mission Church, contact Pastor Nick or committee chair LaMoine Parkhurst.


·        We continue to have a number of contributions of new books for the church library.  If you bring books to lend or donate, please make sure to give them to Katie Evans or Dick Buck.  They’ll catalogue and file them.  Thanks!


·        If you have prayer request you would like to have made known to the prayer chain, please contact Sylvia Miller at 715-874-5080 or Katie Evans at 715-831-8797.


·        All are welcome to join a brief prayer time that is held five to ten minutes prior to each Sunday morning worship service in the front of the church.


·        Don’t forget—if you miss a service, you now have two choices to catch it.  Video versions of past services are now available at www.faithlutheranmc.org – and are also cablecast each Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on channels 96 or 993.


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The Last Word

The mad mob does not ask how it could be better, only that it be different. And when it then becomes worse, it must change again. Thus they get bees for flies, and at last hornets for bees.”

                                                                                                                        Martin Luther