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Words of Faith, August 5 2013

posted Aug 4, 2013, 9:12 PM by Faith Lutheran


The Pastor’s Message

By Rev. Nick Henseler


Hebrews 1:1-2:  “1 Long ago God spoke many times and in many ways to our ancestors through the prophets. 2 But now in these final days, he has spoken to us through his Son. God promised everything to the Son as an inheritance, and through the Son he made the universe and everything in it.”


As we look at this first verse of the Book of Hebrews the author tells us that God had at one time spoke through the Jewish ancestors and through the prophets. All of these things that were spoken to, and through, these chosen people are the part of the Bible we call the Old Testament.


Then in the second verse, the author of the Book of Hebrews tells us that things have changed; Verse 2 starts out with the words “But now…” The context of these two words in the Greek syntax is that of meaning “what is happening now is replacing that which happened before.” Instead of God speaking through Israel’s ancestors and the prophets, God is now speaking exclusively through His Son Jesus who has been with Him since the beginning. And that’s what the New Testament is all about. \


Verse two also tells us that God has “promised everything to the Son as an inheritance.” This word “inheritance” comes from the Greek word “kleronomos” which means “one who receives his allotted possession by right of sonship.” God has granted all power and authority to His Son Jesus and therefore brings an absolute truth to the words from John 14:6; “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” Hallelujah and Amen!!


Have a blessed August everyone!                                                                                  Pr. Nick



Rain Doesn’t Damped the Spirit of Joint Outdoor Service in Phoenix Park

As what Pastor Rolf Nestingen called “a million dollar rain” fell on the browning grass along the Chippewa River, hundreds of worshippers jammed into the pavilion at Phoenix Park to praise God on Sunday, July 21 as Faith Lutheran Mission Church joined Saving Grace Lutheran for a joint outdoor service.


Folks in lawn chairs heard lots of special music, including a rousing Battle Hymn of the Republic from a joint choir directed by FLMC’s Bob Lamont.  Pastor Nick Henseler from Faith delivered the message on the story of Mary and Martha, leading many of us to raise our hands and admit, “I am a Martha.” 


The Men of Saving Grace served up a delicious picnic meal after the event, just in time for the rain to end.  It was a great beginning to what promises to be an annual event!


New Wednesday Sermon Series Begins August 14

Wednesday night worshippers have enjoyed Pastor Henesler’s series on the Apostles Creed.  That series wraps up August 7, and a new series begins the following week.


“We will be studying the Book of Hebrews,” said Pastor Henseler, “which focuses on the sufficiency and superiority of Christ over other religions.”


Worshippers are encouraged to bring their Bibles to the series, which begins at the 7 p.m. Wednesday service in the church fellowship hall on August 14.


Vern Doenier to Chair Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee’s new chair is Vern Doenier, who volunteered for the position at the July meeting of the congregation council. 


“Summer is a busy time for us all with traveling, visiting family, and enjoying the outdoors,” said Vern.  “Yet, we need to remember that FLMC still has operating expenses that are incurred during this time even during our absence. We encourage your continued financial support through the summer months to help us keep building God's Kingdom! Thanks!”


Calling All Singers!

Bob Lamont, Faith Lutheran Mission Church’s choir director, is asking any members interested in joining the choir for the first time when rehearsals resume this fall to contact him.


Knowing how many are planning to take part will help Bob order the right number of copies of music.  Prospective members may call Bob at 715-831-6115.


By the way, the first choir practice is Thursday, September 5 at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary.


Beacon House Serving Continues to Shine

Beacon House, the homeless shelter for families managed by Eau Claire Interfaith Hospitality Network, continues to benefit from the generosity of members of Faith Lutheran Mission Church.


After serving dinner two nights already this summer, FLMC has plans to help on August 11th and 25th.  Both dates are Sundays – you can sign up to help on the sheets on the table in front of the bulletin board in the fellowship hall.  If you have questions or would like to sign up, contact Karla Petersen at 715-828-9985.


Missions of the Month:  Hands Foundation and Military Bible Stick

Hands Foundation will be the local Mission of the Month for Faith Lutheran Mission Church.  The Hands Foundation is a Chippewa County-based non-profit that has recently initiated a program to provide housing or to improve the housing of wounded veterans and handicapped individuals. 


The non-local Mission of the Month is the Military Bible Stick, a digital audio player about the size of a jackknife that is approved by the military to be carried with a service man or woman, even in deployed situations.  The “stick” contains a dramatized version of the New Testament, and is used to disciple and evangelize military personnel.  It’s part of the ministry of Faith Comes by Hearing.


Each month, Faith Lutheran Mission Church sets aside 11% of its offerings for a local mission, and 10% for a non-local mission.


Hannah’s Hands and Men of Faith Meet August 12

Hannah’s Hands women’s group will continue its current study based on Max Lucado’s book “Facing Your Giants.”  The group meets again at the church on Monday, August 12 at 7 p.m.


Men of Faith will gather at the Maple Manor Restaurant in Eau Claire Monday, August 12.

Breakfast will be ordered at 8:30, with the Bible study beginning thereafter.  All men are welcome.  Just come to Maple Manor, 2507 South Hastings Way, and look for our group in the back room.


You Can See Yourself!

The floor of the fellowship hall is looking good after Maug Cleaning stripped and waxed the floor in mid-July.   


Thought the cost of the work was $1,000, Property Committee chair Laban Miller reports that the floor can now be maintained with a buff job once a year at an expense of only $200, and it should be another 10 to 12 years before a thorough stripping and waxing are needed again.


A fund has been established for those who wish to offset the general funds expenditure of $1,000 to get this work done.


Televised Service Move to Sunday

As of August, the televised service of Faith Lutheran Mission Church will move to Sundays at 6 p.m.  The TV version will be the Sunday service from the prior week.  It can be seen on channels 96 or 993.  Through July, the televised service had aired on Wednesday nights.


Of course, video versions past services are always available online at www.faithlutheranmc.org.


Stanfold Music Festival Set for August 18

Stanfold Lutheran Church of rural Rice Lake will host its annual Music Festival on the church grounds Sunday, August 18th beginning with an outdoor worship service at 9:30. 


The music begins at noon and continues throughout the afternoon in Stanfold’s outdoor pavilion.  Grilled food will be available throughout the day, and crafters are invited to set up booths around the festival grounds.  Admission is free.


LCMC Annual Gathering Set in Michigan

Registrations are now being accepted for the 13th Annual Gathering of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, set for October 6-9 at the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan with the theme of the conference being “The Grace of Giving.” 


The four days of fellowship, networking, worship and music are designed to help attendees find out how we, as followers of Jesus, can learn to fund the Great Commission in our generation.


Keynote speakers include Pastor Kyle Idelman, author of the book, “Not a Fan,” Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries, and Pastor Enrique Estrada, executive director of Mission Mexico International and a member of the LCMC Board of Trustees.  The focus of the program will be 2 Corinthians 8:1-7.


Following the gathering will be an optional, additional two-day New Ministry Workshop.


Wanted – Book Reviewers!

Dick Buck, our church librarian, is taking this issue off from his regular book review column “Buck on Books,” but he encourages anyone interested in reviewing a book that is housed in the Faith Lutheran Mission Church library to draft a few paragraphs explaining what the book is about and why you found it helpful.  If you want to write a review, contact Dick or Pastor Henseler for more details.


News and Notes

·        Lee Ann Beck has been appointed to the congregation council, and attended her first meetig in July.  She will fill the unexpired term of Julie Martin, who decided to step aside earlier this year.


·        Mark your calendars for Rally Sunday September 8.  New Member Sunday will be September 15.  The next healing service will also take place in September, on the 18th.


·        Thanks to Mary Ann and Roy Christopherson for painting the doors of the church.  They really look great!


·        Beginning in the fall, we will begin using the New Living Translation bible for our text readings in church, replacing the New International Version.


·        Next church council meeting is set for August 19 at 7 p.m.


·        The church cleaning schedule for August is Roy and Mary Ann Christopherson  for August 9, Laban and Sylvia Miller for August 23 and Vern and Betty Doenier and LaMoine Parkhurst for August 30.  If you have questions, contact Elaine at 715-834-6735.


·        If you have prayer request you would like to have made known to the prayer chain, please contact Sylvia Miller at 715-874-5080 or Katie Evans at 715-831-8797.


General Weekly Calendar

(Schedule may vary due to member visitations, evening meetings and special services)


9:00     Worship

10:00   Fellowship & Sunday School


9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Office Hours


10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.      Office Hours

7 p.m. Worship


10 a.m.-4 p.m. Office Hours


Feel free to check before you stop in by calling Pastor Nick at the Church (715-514-2021) or on his cell (563-676-1853).  You can also email pastornickhenseler@gmail.com.


The Last Word

“Faith should be first. After faith is preached, then we should teach good works. It is faith—without good works and prior to good works—that takes us to heaven. We come to God through faith alone.”                                                                            Martin Luther