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WORDS OF FAITH - September 22, 2010

posted Sep 24, 2010, 11:13 PM by Matt Anderson
An occasional newsletter for the members and friends of Faith Lutheran Mission Church of Eau Claire
September 22, 2010
Appraisal on Building Disappoints, but Provides Opportunities
Our congregation has been anxiously awaiting the appraisal of the former Victory Baptist Church building and grounds, which Faith Lutheran Mission Church hopes to acquire for our own worship center.  Congregation president LaMoine Parkhurst shares the news on the appraisal, and the challenge for our members and friends in your email and/or print copy of this newsletter.
Call Process Continues
The call committee met Tuesday night to review interviews that have happened so far, and discuss other applications that have arrived.  Strong candidates have shown interest in this ministry, and the committee is deliberating with care and prayer.  Please have the process in your prayers as well.
Worship Notes
Thanks to Pastor Craig Nelson for once again leading us in worship Sunday, and reminding us in his sermon that we need to worship God because 1) We were made for worship;  2) We all worship someone or something, and God demands it be him; 3) We worship God because He owns us, not only because he made us, but because in Jesus he paid for our sins; and 4) It’s for our own good – blessings are a bi-product of worship.  It was great to have Pastor Craig’s wife Barb with us again, as well.
Speaking of blessings, the music of the choir was such an addition to worship last Sunday.  The anthem “We Worship You” included crisp articulation, beautiful harmonies and a message tailor-made for Pastor Craig’s sermon.  Thanks to director Bob LaMont and the choir.  Did you miss them last Sunday?  Good news – they’re back again this Sunday.  Come and be blessed.
Mission Memos
This Sunday, we wrap up our September giving to the two mission organizations of the month, Eau Claire Interfaith Hospitality Network and Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ Seminary Loan Fund.  October Missions of the Month, as approved by the church council at its meeting Monday night, are Lutheran World Relief and Eau Claire’s Good News Jail Ministry.  They will split the 20% of the offerings our congregation lays out as first-fruits giving during the month.
Rev. Mark Richardson Takes New Role with LCMC Augustana District
Pastor Mark Richardson of Dresser, who was a key catalyst in the formation of Faith Lutheran Mission Church, has accepted an appointment as the Interim Service Coordinator of the Augustana District of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC).
The Augustana District is a new sub-division of LCMC, emphasizing classic Lutheran theology, and providing important services to congregations, including lending assistance to congregations in the call process, enforcing “ministry standards” among its pastors, developing education curricula and worship resources, and embarking on world missions.  Pastor Richardson’s new duties include conveying the mission of the district, which currently has congregations from Wisconsin into the Dakotas, to pastors and churches.
Pastor Richardson, who was a leader in development of the Augustana District, will leave his position at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Dresser.  Many of our members were present when Pastor Richardson preached at Grace Lutheran Church in Eau Claire the evening of December 1, 2009, and then did a presentation and led a question and answer session regarding LCMC.  That meeting resulted in the devlopment of the steering committee that eventually oversaw the organizational meeting of the congregation January 13.  He has preached at Faith Lutheran Mission Church twice, and offered needed advice to the steering committee in the formative months of our congregation.
We wish God’s blessings on Pastor Mark and the Augustana District.  He will work from his home in Dresser for the time being.  If you’d like to drop him a note, you may do so at mjrichardson@centurytel.net.
Update from New Hope, Grantsburg
From Dresser, we move a county north to Grantsburg.  Every so often, we like to share a story from another new confessional Lutheran congregation that has blossomed.  Terry Swenson shares this update with us:
New Hope Lutheran Church in Grantsburg is a start-up Lutheran church made up of former ECLA members.  We held our first service November 8th last year, and were joined by believers from several area ELCA churches. 
In June this year, we moved into leased space in Grantsburg, and ratified a constitution as an independent Lutheran church.  We are blessed to have found a wonderful pastor (Dr. Emory Johnson, who has twice served as guest pastor at Faith Lutheran Mission Church).  We are thankful for this an all the other blessings our Lord and Savior have bestowed upon us, and the direction in which He has led us.
We are presently going about furnishing our building and are looking for a used digital projector for use in the sanctuary.  If anyone knows of a church or other organization that is looking for a home for a projector, let us now.  We would put it to good use.
Bullet Points
·        The church council has decided to continue meeting on Monday nights.  In October, the executive committee will meet on the 11th, and the full council will meet on the 18th.
·        The council still needs job descriptions from the committees so they may be added to the constitution.
·        Watch for another opportunity to clean up our adopted highway (II for two miles west of The Corner Store) in October.
·        Remember to pray of our congregation at 9 a.m. each day. 
·        Remember to add prayers to our prayer chain.  You can call Katie Evans with your requests at 715-831-8797.
·        Remember to join the prayer group from 4:45 to 4:55 in the north wing of the sanctuary before each service as we gird the congregation up against the assaults of Satan.
The Last Word
"So when the devil throws your sins in your face and declares that you deserve death and hell, tell him this: 'I admit that I deserve death and hell, what of it? For I know One who suffered and made satisfaction on my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God, and where He is there I shall be also!'"               Martin Luther