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Words of Faith - June 2, 2010

posted Jun 8, 2010, 10:26 PM by Matt Anderson
An occasional newsletter for Faith Lutheran Mission Church, Eau Claire
June 2, 2010
Back in December, when a small group of people gathered occasionally over pie at the Blue Moon Café to talk about the possibility of starting a new Lutheran church, Roger Flaten made the point that the new congregation should invest in advertising, and let the community know that this church was part of “A New Beginning.”
We’ve used that slogan in our advertising since letting people know about our first service four months ago.  It’s a fitting line as we anticipate incredibly exciting “new beginnings” in June, including our chartering service this Sunday, and the congregational meeting to follow in which we’ll pass our constitution and elect our first council and our slate of officers. Later this month, we anticipate selection of a call committee, and of course, eventually, our own pastor.
But, even when we’re celebrating our centennial in 2110, I hope Faith Lutheran Mission Church is still advertising “A New Beginning,” because renewal is what the promise of Christ is all about.  We aren’t just patched up.  In Christ, we are made new!  What a powerful message for today…and always.  Let’s keep that excitement, and share it with others throughout our community.
Chartering Service
Sunday, June 6, the members of Faith Lutheran Mission Church have our opportunity to declare ourselves members of this church.  We will do so as part of our worship service, with a ceremony at the end of worship.  Also during worship, we will pass out commitment cards (as described in last week’s Words of Faith), and ask that they be returned with your commitment in the offering plate.  This special service will be led by Rev. Greg Lenz of Chanhassen, Minnesota, who will preach a sermon entitled “Great Faith.”
After worship, we’ll have a potluck dinner.  Actually, the meat’s taken care of, as LaMoine is going to prepare chicken for the whole group, so bring salads and desserts to go with that.
After we eat (or, as we eat for those going back for seconds), we’ll call to order a congregational meeting for the purposes of passing a constitution, electing a church council, and electing officers.  If you have a copy of the constitution, bring it with you.  We also have several print-outs that will be available during the meeting. 
Some notes regarding Sunday’s events:
·        If you want to be a charter member, but cannot attend Sunday’s worship, you can either designate someone else to sign in your place, or you can sign it at a later time.  Some of our pastor-friends with experience in this sort of thing tell us it’s traditional that the charter roll stays open for a few weeks, as determined by the council.
·        Many of you who attend regularly are not in position to join Faith Lutheran Mission Church.  In some cases, you are still working for reform in your current congregation.  Please know that you remain welcome at any and all times…part of our mission in these early months is to become a refuge for Lutherans hoping to hear truthful preaching and faithful teaching.  You are always, always welcome.  And bring your friends!
·        We’ll have special music Sunday, and you can be part of it.  Bob LaMont, retired high school choir teacher who accompanies us on Sunday, has agreed to lead a choir in Michael W. Smith’s “Great is the Lord.”  We’ve got the sheet music, and rehearsal starts at 4:10 on Sunday afternoon.  Some folks already know it, so it’s not as hard as it sounds!  Come sing!
·        Elaine Moore, treasurer of the steering committee, has put together a nice summary of the expenses and revenue so far in our existence, and that report will be shared at the meeting on Sunday.
For the past several weeks, the Missions Task Force has asked you for suggestions of ministries we could feature in our missions offering.  The suggestions are varied and demonstrate the exciting extent of God’s work.  What we’ll be doing in the months of June and July is featuring one of those missions each week.  We’ll provide you some education as to their ministries, ask you to pray for them, and provide the 20% mission designation from our plate offering that week to them.
For June 6, we’ll kick off with a 22-year-old former Menomonie resident named Leah Jensen.  Leah ministers to female students at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado through a non-denominational organization called Master Plan Ministries.  Leah raises her own support, and our contribution would help her in her work.  Here’s a quote from Leah’s web site:
Like any post-undergrad student, I was really seeking out what the next step would be for me. I really sought God’s will for my future. After evaluating several ministries, I came to the conclusion that I should be doing the Great Commission by sharing the gospel and discipling young, college women.
“I will be focusing primarily on the women’s ministry – meeting new girls and sharing the gospel with them, along with leading bible studies, discipling girls, putting together women’s retreats, and other events. As a part of the women’s ministry, I will be taking on more leadership roles, which includes speaking at Connect and at retreats, helping lead our leadership team meetings and planning events for the students. My goal is to become an example of a godly woman that can influence many other women for Christ.”
Sandy and Dean Kallenbach have known Leah since she was born, and encourage you to learn more about her and her dynamic ministry by going to her web page:  http://web.mac.com/leahkjensen/iWeb/Leah%20MPM/Welcome.html
We received the following letter from our April mission partner, Lutheran World Relief:
Spring greetings from Lutheran World Relief!  We received your gift of $521.80, and give thanks to God for your support of this vital ministry.  Your gift will be used to help families and communities around the world who are living in poverty.  For them, life is an everyday struggle, but because of your compassion…there is hope for a better future.
With your help, we’ll train farmers to grow more and better food for their families and communities. We’ll help fight diseases like malaria by spreading vital messages about the importance of prevention and treatment.  And we’ll continue to respond around the world, wherever disaster strikes, working with partners to quickly deliver food, water and shelter where most needed.
On behalf of everyone at Lutheran World Relief, our partners, and those we serve, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your gift.
John A. Nunes
President and CEO
Last week’s worship
We had a nice turnout for our service May 30 as Pastor Harvey Jeffers of New Brighton, Minnesota delivered a rousing sermon reminding us of the source of truth!  We worshipped in the fellowship hall to avoid the head of the sanctuary, and it worked out very well.
Pastor Jeffers shared the following note and provided some details about his upcoming call:
First of all, I want to thank you so much for inviting Doreen and I to join you in worship of our Lord Jesus.  It was such a joy to meet you wonderful & faithful people of God.  God's Spirit prevailed as always and was certainly present to minister to each of us.
You asked for an update on our pastoral call situation as it now stands.  I will begin serving St John's LC in Gillett, WI on July 11th as Interim Pastor.  This church is located within 10 miles of where we served for 8 years in Oconto Falls.  It is so strange the way this position came about and how quickly things happened, but suffice it to say that God was in control and it was abundantly clear that it was in God's plan.  
Your prayers for God's clear direction concerning our future would be greatly appreciated and please know that our prayers will also be with you godly people of Faith LMC.
Blessings in Jesus,
Revs Harvey & Doreen Jeffers 
PS: God doesn't stir us up into confusion; he brings us into harmony. (1 Cor. 14:33)