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WORDS OF FAITH - July 1, 2010

posted Jul 5, 2010, 8:01 PM by Matt Anderson

An occasional newsletter for the members and friends of Faith Lutheran Mission Church of Eau Claire

July 1, 2010


At the special congregational meeting Sunday night, the council’s proposed budget passed, based on an annualized commitment of nearly $67,000 from members of the congregation.  That income will meet current ministries of Faith Lutheran Mission Church, including the contribution of 20% of our weekly offerings to mission work outside our congregation. 


The financial plan of Faith Lutheran Mission Church also includes a margin of building up some savings to lend us financial stability as we move forward toward meeting the two key strategic goals of calling a pastor and finding a place where we can worship on Sunday mornings.


The congregation approved the naming of a call committee that includes Matthew Anderson, Janet Hadt, Dean Kallenbach, Gail Larson, Bob Moore, and Janet Parkhurst.  That group will begin developing processes to reach out to candidates and evaluate them.  Meanwhile, the council began Monday night to sketch out a profile for a pastor for Faith Lutheran Mission Church.


LaMoine Parkhurst, FLMC President, reminded attendees of the annual meeting that committees of the church are currently looking for members.  Those choices are:

·        Education

·        Member Care and Services

·        Stewardship

·        Worship

·        Mission & Outreach

·        Property

·        Fellowship


Think about where you are called to serve.


New LCMC Pastor from a New LCMC Congregation to Visit July 4

Actually, Timothy Duesenberg has been a pastor for awhile, but was an ELCA pastor until the end of May.  At that time, we ended his service to ELCA congregation Christ the King Lutheran Church in Onalaska.  The following week, he began serving a brand new LCMC congregation, Gift of Grace Lutheran Church servingg the Holmen-Onalaska area.


Pastor Duesenberg is also on the steering team of Lutheran CORE of Wisconsin, is a Twins fan, and, although related to the car-builder, he is challenged to tune up his own lawn mower.  He and his wife Leslie have four children and three grandchildren.  In fact, Leslie and their daughter will be accompanying Pastor Tim to Eau Claire on Sunday, with Leslie assisting with the service.


Please come to hear Pastor Duesenberg’s sermon Christian Service has No Unemployment, and hear the story about the formation of an LCMC congregation even newer than ours!


LCMC Leader Paul Spaulding Headlines July 11th Fellowship in Rice Lake

Faith Lutheran Mission Church and two other northwestern Wisconsin LCMC congregations (Grace Lutheran in Hayward and New Hope Lutheran in Minong) have been invited by Stanfold Lutheran Church in rural Rice Lake to join them for a special “Highway 53 LCMC” worship service and fellowship meal featuring Paul Spaulding, LCMC’s top official, on Sunday, July 11th.


Rev. Spaulding is the interim service coordinator and the pastoral certification coordinator for LCMC.  He is based in Minneapolis.  He will share a word of inspiration during the joint worship service, which will be held in Stanfold’s outdoor pavilion, weather permitting (in the church, if not) at 11 a.m.  Immediately following the service will be a fellowship meal hosted by the Stanfold men’s group. 


In addition to the primary goal of glorifying God, the intent of the joint worship service is to bring collegiality and encouragement to one another.  The four congregations involved all have very different stories, but our goal of service to the risen Christ is very much the same.  Hopefully, the joint event will lead to further collaborations which will benefit the ministries of all the churches.


Some points of note:

  • This event was earlier reported to be taking place at 9:30.  That was based on old information.  The service will be at 11 a.m.
  • We do not need to bring any food...the earlier suggestion that we provide meat to grill was also based on old information.
  • The Faith Lutheran Mission Church choir plans to sing “Great is the Lord” as part of the service (our first outside gig!).  Keep your ears open for rehearsal plans.


Because the men of Stanfold are providing the food, and because the presence of Rev. Spaulding will probably drive attendance from the broader community, they would like to get something of a head count from those expecting to attend.  Please let Dean Kallenbach know either by replying to this e-mail or by calling him at 715-214-8498 if you plan to come.  If you need a ride, contact Dean as well, and he should be able to hook you up with someone who’s driving up.


To get to the Stanfold Lutheran Church, simply head north on Highway 53 to the second Rice Lake exit (Highway 48). Turn left (west) on Highway 48 about four miles.  The church is perched on a hill on the left side of the road.  If you get to the Stanfold Town Hall, you’ve overshot by a mile.  It’s about a 65-minute drive from the west side of Eau Claire.


By the way, we will have worship at Faith Lutheran Mission Church on July 11 at 5 p.m. as normal.


Last Week’s Mission:  Peace Lutheran ChurchGulf ShoresAlabama

Our mission gifts last week went to a congregation that is fighting for its people and its own existence following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Pastor Michael Bonham of Peace sent a letter over the weekend detailing the situation, which has been sent as an attachment.  Please look it over, and continue to pray for that congregation and its ministry, and consider an additional gift to meet their needs.


This week’s Mission:  Margaret & Doug Grenawalt, South Asian Friendship Center

The mission of the week for July 4 is work being done by Doug and Margaret Grenawalt, longtime missionaries to Pakistan who now work with the South Asian Friendship Center in Chicago.  The mission of the center is to “maintain a positive and active Christian presence and to proclaim the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in Chicago’s predominatly Hindy and Muslim marketplace on Devon Avenue.”


They offer Christian education and discipleship training, as well as support for those Christian South Asians who have been shunned by their families and the community for converting to Christ.  Specifically, Doug is the Center’s bookstore manager, and Margaret leads the staff women in a weekly Bible study, and teaches English to the Urdu-speaking women.  Pray for their work, and support it through your offerings this week!


Lutheran CORE Gathering in Tomah Features Straight Talk from Mark Chavez

As mentioned earlier, Pastor Tim Duesenberg is on the steering committee for Lutheran CORE, which is a group that once worked from within to reform the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA), but since August, 2009 has been working to begin a new organization, the North American Lutheran Church which, like LCMC, would offer individuals and congregations a confessional Lutheran church body to jump to when the ELCA is no longer an option.


You’ll recall our friends at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Tomah hosted a Lutheran CORE conference last Sunday. Here’s a summary from Pastor Tim:

The biggest news from (Lutheran CORE National Director) Pastor Mark Chavez's presentation is that the crisis in the ELCA, and for that matter in Western Europe and the United States, is not primarily about sex, as important as that is, but about the authority of God's Word. 


Pastor Chavez shared with us that Barna polling indicates that two thirds of Americans do not believe in the notion of Absolute Truth.  In the church that means that many do not have a high view of revelation.  That is, they do not believe God has clearly revealed timeless truths that we are obligated to trust, respect, and to try to obey.  In place of Absolute Truth we have bought into the notion of relative truth, value clarification, and our own "bound consciences".  So instead of being Christ Centered we are Self Centered.  And when we pit Christ against the testimony of Scripture, we may think we are being Christ Centered, but without the authoritative and faithful witness of Scripture, we have a so-called "Christ" of our own making - hence we are actually Self Centered. 


We are reeling in situational ethics and morality.  Like in the day of Judges, there was no king in Israeland each man did what was right in his own eyes.  Pastor Chavez did a good job delineating how we have been on this Self-Centered trajectory for quite some while, certainly since the formation and start of the ELCA.


Prayer Chain is Up and Running

Katie Evans reports the prayer chain continues to grow.  If you have a prayer request, leave it with Katie at 715-831-8797.  She’ll then pray for your request and pass it along by phone to the next person on the chain.  That person will do the same, and so on until the last link has prayed.  It’s a powerful tool.