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WORDS OF FAITH - January 13, 2011

posted Jan 13, 2011, 10:32 PM by Matt Anderson
An occasional newsletter for the members and friends of Faith Lutheran Mission Church of Eau Claire
January 13, 2011
Happy Anniversary
One year ago tonight, a ragtag bunch of disenfranchised Lutherans gathered in the fellowship hall of The Lutheran Church of St. Matthew to share their pain, share their faith, and make their commitment to begin a new church – Faith Lutheran Mission Church.  For many of us, it was the first time in a long while that we felt we were moving forward in a community totally committed to serving God.
The year has brought us much.  From a steering committee, we now have a church council.  We have a charter, and a constitution.  Amazingly, we even have as a tool in our arsenal a beautiful worship space.  Members have found warmth and acceptance.  Visitors have found welcoming fellowship.  We pray!  We proclaim!  We sing (often in four-parts)!  We commune!  We are church – not of our own doing, but by the grace of God in Christ.  Happy Anniversary, Faith Lutheran Mission Church!
Annual Meeting Sunday
We celebrate our anniversary Sunday with our first Annual Congregational Meeting.  The morning opens with our 9 a.m. worship, led by Rev. Mark Richardson, who was instrumental in helping us “orphaned Lutherans” get together at a service at Grace Lutheran Church on an evening in December 2009.  Pastor Richardson was recently named the service coordinator for the Augustana District of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.
We’ll convene for our normal fellowship after worship.  Then, at 10:30 a.m., the annual meeting will begin.  We will receive reports of our ministry in the past year, and a plan for God’s work through our congregation in the coming year.  Look forward to a spirit-filled gathering!  A catered meal is planned for 11:30.  Please come share your vision and God’s prompting as it relates to our congregation
This edition of Words of Faith is intentionally more brief than usual, in anticipation of a special edition to come out next week with the results of the annual meeting.
January Services Open With Inspired Teaching, Preaching
Our thanks go out to Rev. Joe Schultz of Eau Claire, who led our worship on January 2 and Rev. Steven Thorson of Cokato, MN, who preached January 9.  Pastor Thorson reminded us that we must continually be repenting, and that God needs humble people, not good people, to do his work in 2011.
Our first Wednesday night prayer service in the fellowship hall drew 18 worshippers.  Bob Moore led worship and shared a devotional message on prayer, while Elaine Moore accompanied our hymn-singing.  We’ll continue to have the brief prayer services (lasting about 40 minutes) each Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. in the fellowship hall – please join us!
Sign-up for Clean-Up and Snow Removal
Sign up sheets are now available at the church to sign up for two weeks of church cleanup or two weeks of snow removal from the sidewalks.  Here’s who has signed up so far:
Janitorial (Cleaning floors, supplying bathrooms, garbage removal and dusting once per week)
January 3-16:  Laban and Sylvia Miller
January 17-30:  Bob and Elaine Moore
January 31-February 13:  Chuck, Kim and Bev Olson
February 14-27:  Katie Evans
February 28-March 13:  Parkhursts and Doeniers
March 14-27:  Sarah & Dave Seanor
Snow Removal (Clear sidewalks and ramp within 24 hours of measurable snowfall.  Salt and sand as needed.)
January 3-16:  Chuck and Kim Olson
January 17-30:  Bob and Elaine Moore
January 31-February 13:  Dean Kallenbach
By the way, special thanks to Vern and Betty Doenier, who have signed up for four months of snow removal.  They picked June though September – thanks for your commitment!
Other Notes:
·        Thanks to Julie Martin, who agreed to manage the records of individual financial giving. 
·        For piano music lovers, the Eau Claire Ragtime Festival takes place this weekend at First Congregational Church.  Proceeds go to Eau Claire Interfaith Hospitality Network/ Beacon House.
·        Remember that all members and friends of Faith Lutheran Mission Church are invited to pause at 9 a.m. daily to pray for our congregation and its members, that we may be a blessing to this community and the world.
·        Continue to pray for God’s guidance in calling of a pastor.  The call committee continues to meet, and expects to re-advertise the position soon, based on budget decisions made at the annual meeting.
·        This month’s mission recipients are St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Luck and Salvation Army Care Link.
·        Wayne and Kathy Murphy, who have begun a new Lutheran congregation in Rev. Thorson’s community of Cokato, accepted a gift of ten Lutheran Book of Worship hymnals from Faith Lutheran Mission Church to help them in their Sunday services.
The Last Word
“Your faith comes from Him, not from you.”  Martin Luther