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Feeding Faith Newsletter - November, 2015

posted Jul 5, 2016, 11:30 AM by Nick Henseler

Feeding Faith

A newsletter for the members and friends of

Faith Lutheran Mission Church

November 2015 Issue


Meet-a-Member:  Residents at “The Meadows” Apartments


I recently had a very pleasant visit with four of our members that also happen to live at the Meadows Apartments down the hill behind Target. We spent an hour touching on their pasts, their families, life at the Meadows, and most importantly their faith and their memberships at Faith Church.


Sam and Bev Briggs lived for a while in AZ before moving back to Eau Claire in February of 2014. They have seven children, all of whom live near or in Eau Claire.  Sam worked in an auto parts store for 8 years before starting his own business “Sam’s Auto Supply”, while Bev was kept busy at home with their children. She did manage the monthly books for the business for a short time, but said that she “quit” when no one was willing to take over her position when they wanted to go on vacation. When asked what makes Faith Lutheran Church important in their lives, Bev repeatedly spoke to Pastor Nick’s sermons being Biblically-based, and how important it is that the weekly message comes from God’s Word without being changed.  Sam stated that one of Faith’s strengths is the friendliness of its members, and feels this is something that the congregation should build on.


Hart Hanson: Hart’s dad died when he was just 16, and he took over his family’s farm.  At the age of 31 he went into construction, and started his own business which he ran for 20 years.  He lovingly, and with great pride now refers to his son as his boss. Wayne worked for him and then took over running the business which today is named Wayne Hanson/home builder. His son and a daughter live in Eau Claire. Hart has been a part of The Meadows and also Faith Church since their conceptions.  He has been a resident of the Meadows for 15 years moving there after the death of his wife.  Hart is one of the smiling, welcoming faces when one enters our church on Sunday mornings as he passes out bulletins.  He has also been active in the Tuesday afternoon Bible studies.   


Jean Anderson raised 6 children; 2 girls and 4 boys with two of the boys being twins. She also was busy raising her family, but later enjoyed driving a school bus in Eau Claire for 10 years, being a bus monitor for 7 years, and also working as a crossing guard.  Her children are spread from La Crosse to Madison and Milwaukee, to Clear Lake and Minneapolis, MN, and even California. When asked what would improve Faith Church, Jean said that she would like to see more Sunday school space incorporated into the building, and also a written report of the “Minutes” from our church board meetings to keep all members informed.  Jean feels we have room for growing numbers, and would like to see the need for a second morning service.  She agreed with Bev that being taught straight from God’s Word was of central importance for the church.


I want to thank these dear people for their time, their honesty, and for being such a vital part of our church family!



Bible Studies

“That I May Know Him” a 13 week study covering both Philippians and Colossians met with different study groups on Tuesday afternoons, and Thursday evenings.  This is what some of the participants on Thursday want you to know:


“If you want to get excited about the Living Word…come!  It has been an amazing gift to study the Word!!”


“Finding the love of God and trusting in the Word through prayer and the study of the Scripture.”


“Bible study has made my faith much stronger.  The more you know about God the more you want to know.  It gives you a deeper love for the Lord.”


“Bible study is a wonderful way to gain a deeper knowledge of how God wants us to grow in faith and experience his love and truth as we reach out to a broken world.”



On Sundays, Mark Strack has been leading a very interesting study comparing our Christian beliefs with other religions.  This study has not only been informative as to what other religions believe, but has also armed us with a deeper understanding of how to stand strong in Christ against opposing beliefs. Please join us following coffee on Sunday mornings at 10:30!



Saturday evening, October 24th, several of our members met for an evening of food, fun and friends.  We were served ham, potatoes, green beans, rolls and salad by the wonderful kitchen crew of Katie, Mary Ann, Roy and Chris.  Chris created a “gift of love” by treating us to his scrumptious bread pudding for dessert.

Entertainment had us all laughing, as Katie and Mary Ann did lip-synching to “Friendship” accompanied by some pretty comical dance steps.  Chris shared a few good jokes, and then we dug into our memories to complete lyrics to some old-time favorite songs.

The evening was filled in by background jazz, a roaring fire courtesy of a DVD, and a lot of good conversation.

Hope you will join us for our next social gathering!


Council Meeting Up-dates from Katie Evans:

From  October 19th :


Pastor Henseler reported that he will be hosting approximately 15 ministers at FLMC on Tuesday, November 10th.


Mark Strack reported the Mission Committee met in October with decisions to support the following missions in October:  International: Samaritan's Purse/Syria.  Local, Chippewa Valley Free Clinic. The following in November: International, Harvest House-Haiti.  Local, Bolton Refuge Home.  And in December: International: Bible Translator, Local, Salvation Army Care Link.  Council approved these missions.


Chuck Olson reported that again this year our Thanksgiving Eve service will be at Saving Grace (November 25th).  The service will begin at 6:15 and FLMC is asked to help by bringing baked goods for fellowship following the service.


LaMoine Parkhurst reported that construction on the lift has begun.


Katie would like to thank those who have made donations for the “Love Baskets, and also  relay to our Faith family that we are in need of more prayer shawls, and anyone wanting to participate in these ministries should contact her.


Share a Thought

(Experience, poetry, scripture, etc. from our members at Faith)


My name is Terry Strodthoff.  My husband, George, and I have been attending Faith for a little over a year-and-half.  Before finding this small, welcoming and Christ-focused congregation we had visited and even become members of several churches in Eau Claire over ten years’ time.  I was raised within the ELCA in Wausau, and George was raised Methodist.  When we married, George became a Lutheran, but we ended up in a Baptist church when we moved to Ashland, WI.  Ever since then, we stopped searching for a church family by denomination, but looked instead for whether or not God’s Word was being preached and practiced. 

George and I have been honored and blessed to lead evening Bible studies at our house with members of Faith.  We have enjoyed getting to know the people of Faith so much better as we share God’s Word, our faith journeys and our questions with one another.

I am attempting to lead in the rebirth of our newsletter and welcome any input, suggestions or information that you would care to share with me. My hope and prayer is that this will become one more avenue of connection for the friends and members of Faith, and that we will continue to grow in our individual faith in Christ, and also in closeness as a church family.


“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, Rejoice” Philippians 4:4










 Food for Faith by Pastor Nick


Hebrews 12:28; “Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe.”

As we once again get ready for another Thanksgiving filled with family, food, and fun…all of which we are VERY thankful for…let’s also remember to be thankful for the one that will be giving the ultimate Thanksgiving celebration in heaven! Isaiah 25:6 tells us about this; “The LORD of Heaven’s Armies will spread a wonderful feast for all the people of the world.”


Notice that word “feast.” You can’t have a “feast” without food! The Hebrew word for “feast” actually translates into meaning “a lavish banquet.” Sounds like a great Thanksgiving dinner to me! And we know that we will be reunited with all of our loved ones once again in heaven. I can’t imagine anything to be more thankful about then that promise of hope! And our Scripture passage from Hebrews tells us how we should respond to that thankfulness; “let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe.”


So be sure to put Wednesday, November 25th at 6:15pm on your calendars when we celebrate with our brothers and sisters at Saving Grace Lutheran Church our annual Thanksgiving Eve service where we will worship our Holy God!                                                       

Pr. Nick