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Feeding Faith Newsletter - May, 2016

posted Jul 5, 2016, 11:48 AM by Nick Henseler

Spring Issue of Feeding Faith

May 2016



Hannah’s Hands:

Hannah’s Hands met to reorganize on Saturday, April 9, 2016.  Fourteen women

were in attendance. They shared a salad lunch, devotion and a planning meeting. 

Janet Hadt and Terry Strodthoff volunteered to act as co-chairs, and Betty Doenier volunteered to be treasurer.  The group decided to meet the first Saturday of each month from 9:00-11:00.


May Meeting

Mary Ann led the other 9 attending ladies in a devotional regarding taking a quiet moment in each day to listen to God. It was decided to begin gathering items, through donations and garage sale finds, for Global Health Ministry INewborn Kits.  We also decided to donate needed personal items for the men working through Hope Gospel Mission.  Lee Ann volunteered to check on which items were currently most needed. We will meet again Saturday, June 4th at 9:00.  Bring a coffee mug (coffee and muffins provided!) and come join us!

Kristine, who has led our children’s Sunday School program for the past 4 years, had a presentation for the children on May 22nd.  Maddie, Caleb, Joshua, Ella, Dawson and Hannah are the beautiful younger members of our congregation.  Hannah received her first communion during a service earlier this past spring, and both she and Caleb recently received Bibles from the congregation.  Kristine has such a heart for these children, and a deep desire for them to learn God’s Word.  Her passion and devotion in the giving of her time to make our Sunday School a place where her charges feel welcomed and loved is a priceless gift to all of us . We also praise God for this next generation of young believers, and ask that He continues to guide and teach them as they grow in their faith and understanding of His Word.



Hello fellow Faith Lutheran Mission Church members,


        My name is Jacob Shoemaker and I am a Boy Scout out of Troop 175. I am working on obtaining my Eagle Scout rank. For my Eagle Scout Project I will be constructing an agility course for the dogs housed at the Eau Claire County Humane Association. I have attached some computer drawn images depicting what it will look like when completed. The agility course will be located behind the Humane Association. This is a very ambitious project, but it is something that I have always wanted to do. However, it will require a lot of fundraising. A requirement that goes along with the project is that I have to raise all of the funds necessary for completing this. If you would be so kind to stop by Faith Lutheran to donate that would be greatly appreciated. There will be a donation bucket in the fellowship area. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at jacobshoemaker4@gmail.com. Thank you for your generous and gracious hearts!

There was a farewell cake and gathering after the service on May22nd for our choir director, Bob LaMont. Bob began his ministry with our choir when many of our members still attended St. Matthew’s.  He has served FLMC for 5 years, first as both organist and choir director for 3 years, then continuing as choir director for an additional two years.  The choir presented Bob with a figurine “Song of Joy” representing an angel singing songs of joy to our Triune God. We wish Bob and Irene God’s blessings as they move to Wausau to be nearer their children.  We want to thank Bob for years of sharing his talents and gifts by leading our choir and providing us with exceptional music.  He will be greatly missed, but the choir will sing on!!!

Meet-a-Member: Bob and Elaine Moore

Bob and Elaine are two of FLMC’s founding “parents”. 

They had a long history with the ELCA where Elaine worked as a secretary for First Lutheran and Grace Lutheran churches.  Elaine was very active with the women’s ministries holding office for both the local and synod organization and serving on committees at the national level. She was council secretary of the Northwest Synod of WI, but chose to resign following the decisions of the ELCA and its continuing falling away from the Word of God.  Bob and Elaine taught adult Bible studies and served on many committees at First Lutheran and also on the Synod level. Through the “Woman to Woman” program, Elaine spent three weeks traveling in Japan training women leaders, and meeting and speaking at women’s groups and worship services.

 Bob and Elaine made the very difficult, but mutual decision, to leave the ELCA, and sought a new fellowship.  They met with 5 or 6 others at the Blue Moon restaurant before forming a steering committee that discussed plans for a new LCMC congregation.     Beginning a charter was a whole new undertaking for all of them. Bob was chair of the call committee, taking on the research and application forms needed to gain permission to begin a new church. The first service took place just six years ago with approximately 45 members (an anniversary we will be celebrating as a congregation in June). 

 Together with the first members the current building was purchased, and much work went into a new roof, removing the immersion baptismal downstairs, removing old flooring, painting, siding, and other major and minor repair.  Over the past years at FLMC, Bob and Elaine have remained active and vital members of the church they helped to begin.  They were part of the search and acceptance of Pastor Nick, they have been active in the men’s and women’s groups for missions and study, and are faithful in attending and/or leading adult Bible studies. Bob currently holds the position of council president, and Elaine has been the driving force for the restart of Hannah’s Hands.  Bob and Elaine both wish to see our church grow in numbers, including some younger members, and to have current members continue to grow in their faith by engaging in Bible studies and ministry groups.

We are blessed and grateful for Bob and Elaine’s service to God, for the history and foundation they bring to our young church, and for having them as treasured members of our Faith family.

Coming this Summer:
June 5th is our FLMC birthday party (our 6th year as a congregation) and will be celebrated with a 10:00 service at Carson Park.  Please bring a chair!  The offering will go towards the General Operations Fund (special envelopes were mailed to family and friends in a recent letter, and will also be available at the church). That same day at Carson Park is Faith night for EC baseball. Come enjoy a fun and faith-filled day!!!

August 21st is another outdoor service this time at Phoenix Park with the Saving Grace congregation.  Service will begin at 10:30. The “grill guys” from Saving Grace will provide lunch following the service. 

Road resurfacing: Hogeboom Street is being resurfaced this summer.  Arrangements are being made with the city to use the lawn next to the church as a temporary parking lot.  The new street will cost the church around $6000, which will be paid off over ten years. 

Share a Thought:

Vern’s brother passed away just one year ago on May 28th, and in remembrance of him and thinking of so many others that have  gone before, Vern wanted to share this thought from the respected theologian Dr. Ole Hallesby:


“God is good.  I am not alone—I feel as though Mia is here with me even though I don’t see her.  In my sorrow, I thank God that I am at peace with God and man, and every day I can believe my sins are forgiven.  The setting sun of my life is smiling on me and predicting that soon I may go home.  I’ll never again see most of my friends in this life, but I pray daily for all of God’s friends in Norway that we would be kept in faith so that we would safely reach God’s eternal glory.”

Food for Faith - By Pastor Nick

Colossians 3:1-2; “Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits at God's right hand in the place of honor and power. Let heaven fill your thoughts. Do not think only about things down here on earth.”


It is so easy to just fill our thoughts with the stuff of this world, isn’t it? And that was the exact problem the Apostle Paul was dealing with when he wrote this Letter to the church of Colossae. The Colossians were filling their heads with rules and regulations of how each person in the church needed to be in order to be a good “church person.”


And no doubt there were a few Colossians who thought that the only way for it to be a “good church” was to have the wine served in a particular way and that the floor of the sanctuary had to be a particular color.


So Paul says; “Let heaven fill your thoughts.” Paul is telling the Colossians, and us, that it’s not about what you think is important down here; the only thing that is important is what is important in heaven. It’s not about elevator lifts…it’s about the Love of God. It’s not about the songs…it’s about the Spirit of God. In truth, it’s not at all about what we think are holy things in our church… it’s about the holiness of Jesus.


All pilots when they fly make sure they have sunglasses that have an optical quality that brings clarity to their vision so that they see everything as it should be with no color distortion. So what kind of “lens” are you looking through? Are you seeing only some colors or maybe even only one color; the color you choose to see with? Is the glare of the world taking your focus off the things of heaven?


The Apostle Paul tells us to get rid of the glare and color distortions we are looking through; “Let heaven fill your thoughts” and “Do not think only about things down here on earth.”


Have a blessed June and July everyone!!   Pr. Nick