Rally Sunday September 2012

Prayer Before Service
Prayer before service!

Lookin' Good Laban!
Laban you lookin' good!

First Day of Sunday School!
First day of Sunday School!

Pastor showing off his new Top Hat
Pastor showing off his new hat

Pam and Laban
Pam and Laban

Kevin Schwartz - The Balloon Guy
Kevin Schwartz - "The Balloon Guy"

Laban with another fine
Laban! There's a bee in your bonnet!

Pam doing face painting
Pam doing face painting

Now THAT'S a hat!!

Oh Yeah! I'm stylin'!
Yeah! I'm stylin'!

Open House for remodeled building
Open House for remodeled building

Kristine Ready to Go!

Our Sunday Schoo
Ready for Sunday School!

Kevin The Balloon Guy 

Kim you look great!!

Kim ...Kayla REALLY wants your hat...

Nice Palm Tree Kelly!! I think Karla is jealous...

Lori and Kelly making Eau Claire feel tropical!

Still a few people without hats...

Nice glasses, Jean!

Our blessed Fellowship area

Marion...you're plate is empty...there's lots left!

We had a GREAT time on Rally Sunday!

Pam does a super job at face painting

And a great clown, too!

Even the older "kids" liked the balloons

Isn't she cute?!!?

Roger and Dean enjoying the fun

Best Friends Forever!!

Don't mess with Jean!!

We love you, too!!